MENA Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis

Advisory Majlis

The MENA Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis (RAYAM/Majlis) is envisioned to serve as a sustainable and inclusive regional platform for young people from the MENA region. “Majlis” is an Arabic term meaning “a place of sitting,” and alludes to a secure space where young people can convene to share their thoughts and insights on issues of importance to them...

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Latest Evidence and Tools

Share or access evidence and tools geared for young people or practitioners working with young people in the MENA region. Any resources submitted will be subject to a preliminary...

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Increase your employability and skills with these websites

We compiled a list of useful websites, that can help you find a job, volunteering or scholarship opportunity and teach you new skills.

July , 2019
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Monthly Voices of Youth Arabic Newsletter

Please click here to see the monthly Voices of Youth Arabic newsletter that includes the latest blogs, updates and quotes received...

August , 2018
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Fellowship Program for Emerging Displaced Scholars

Columbia Global Centers offers a new opportunity for emerging displaced scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

June , 2019
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EU Published a YOUTH & CULTURE Call for Proposals

YOUTH AND CULTURE Call for Proposals. This is aimed at youth and cultural organisations, PREFERABLY LOCAL organisations that...

April , 2019
voices of youth

Change Makers in Action

From Morocco to Iraq and Syria to Yemen, young people across the MENA region are making positive changes in their communities. Change takes many forms. Change can be big or small, in new ways of thinking or in the way things are done. It may take place at the community, national, or regional levels. It may be an awareness-raising campaign, advocacy event, or development project..

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