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Visualize 2030 is a data visualization challenge that calls upon youth in the Arab region to use official statistics with the aim of visualizing data-driven stories that address development challenges and explore opportunities to advance the Arab region within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

Who can participate?
Visualize 2030 targets youth aged 20 to 30 years from Arab countries, among which are young students, researchers, journalists, graphic designers, data visualization developers and active youth interested in advancing sustainable development in the Arab region.

Encourage youth's meaningful and impactfull contribution to public debates on country's and the region's priorities and opportunities within the SDGs.
Enhance data access, use and communication in an innovative manner. 
Create a space for multi-disciplinary teams to engage in an enriching exchange of knowledge and capacities (creative development practitioners, data scientists, graphic designers, etc.)

2019 Visualize 2030 Theme
Inequalities between or within Arab countries. Their impact on those left behind and the level of sustainable development in general. 

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