Additional Instructions

Please consider using the following filenaming system: “Organisation – Short Title (YEAR)” [e.g. UNICEF – Makani Guidance Note (2016)].

Under “Year of Publication” please enter only the year (e.g. 2015).

Under “Organisation” please use acronyms (e.g. UNHCR); if more than two organisations contributed to the resource, enter them in alphabetical order separated by commas.

Under “Countries” you may select all that apply, or select “Regional” or “Outside MENA”

Under “Language” you may select all that apply.

Under Additional Links, you may provide a link to any web-based media if you cannot upload the file directly.

Under Short Comments, you may leave a short description of the resource you are contributing. Please do not enter more than a couple of sentences.

Please fill the following form before uploading and submitting your resource. See the left side of the page for additional instructions

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Upload requirements
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