The Majlis (also called the Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis (RAYAM)) is envisioned to serve as a sustainable and inclusive regional platform for young people (aged 10-24 years old) from throughout the MENA region who are affiliated with youth networks, government supported national/local advisory groups, UN, NGO and partner programs, and who already demonstrate strong commitment and leadership in their communities and among their peers.

The adolescent and youth members of the Majlis aim to: 

  • Inform and influence the regional humanitarian and development agenda; 
  • Inform and influence ongoing initiatives and programs; 
  • Engage with and learn from their peers in the MENA region;
  • Communicate regional issues to local constituencies; and
  • Provide added value and a sense of agency to young people

A subset of UN:NGO group members, namely representatives from SAVE, Mercy Corps, NRC, Action Aid, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNDP, WB and UNICEF, have come together to guide this process in collaboration with the RAYAM adolescents and youth.

The UN:NGO Group is a regional interagency group consisting of United Nations and non-governmental organizations that work together to advocate and support work with adolescents and youth in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Young people from the MENA region with the following backgrounds are welcome to apply: 

  1. Members of adolescent and youth groups established by non-governmental organizations and/or UN organizations 
  2. Members of government-supported adolescent and youth advisory groups (for example: Young people from National Adolescents and Youth Advisory Groups, Child Friendly City councils, Youth Parliaments, School Clubs/councils) 
  3. Members of registered Adolescent and Youth Networks (groups of young people who have organized themselves or non-governmental organizations with a youth focus) 
  4. Adolescents and youth engaged at an individual level (for example: individual young people who are actively engaged in problem-solving issues at the community/local/national/regional level)

The nominated young people should conform to the following criteria: 

  • Age between 10 and 24 years old; 
  • National of one of the MENA countries; (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Yemen, and Bahrain)
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work with other people and as part of a team; 
  • Be proactive and committed to working and advocating for issues of concern to adolescents and youth; 
  • Be actively involved in the community; 
  • Be able to commit to a one-year membership to RAYAM and be willing to join available advocacy and regional engagement opportunities made available
  • Be committed to provide regular feedback to their local constituencies; 
  • It is expected that at least 50% of RAYAM members represent rarely-heard voices. For example: girls, working, living with disability, married, conflict affected, displaced, refugees, out of school, unemployed.

To access the registration form, click here.

If you meet the membership criteria above, you may register for the Majlis by applying through one of the categories below the registration link provided below. Please read the description for each channel category before filling out the registration form so you will know which category channel to select.

Following your submission of the registration form, you will be contacted by a representative of the regional MENA UN:NGO group on young people within one week with further details on how to begin participating in the online discussion forum.

To access the registration form, click here.

Majlis members must commit to a one-year membership and contribute 8-10 hours per month to the Majlis’s activities. The RAYAM Majlis activities are developed by the Majlis members and focus on identifying and consolidating issues of concern, solutions that address issues of concern, and ensuring the concerns of young people in MENA and those of their constituents are accurately reflected in the various regional and global fora. Activities and meetings will be conducted online through the online secure Majlis platforms and other applications.

Majlis members will be required to provide feedback on RAYAM actions with their peers in a timely manner. During certain advocacy (regional or global) events, Majlis members may have to contribute additional hours beyond the 8-10 hours per month.

Members will meet primarily via online Majlis discussion boards. A safe online secure platform on the MENA adolescent and youth website is the primary avenue for is being developed for Majlis members discussion across countries. Discussion forums will be grouped as per the needs of the Majlis members to enable age and gender appropriate confidential discussions. This platform is expected to be ready by November 2018.

If needed, online survey forms, emails (with bcc/to enable confidentiality) are being will be used by the RAYAM secretariat to facilitate discussion and communicate with the RAYAM members.

The Majlis is the only group in MENA at the regional level which provides young people an opportunity to inform and influence humanitarian and development decision-making processes on issues of importance to young people. The Majlis seeks to especially address issues of exclusion and provide a secure platform for vulnerable young people to make their voices heard and listened to. The insights and contributions of Majlis members helps to strengthen the work of development practitioners and policymakers in the region, ultimately improving programming to better serve adolescents and youth.