The MENA Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis (RAYAM/Majlis) is envisioned to serve as a sustainable and inclusive regional platform for young people from the MENA region. “Majlis” is an Arabic term meaning “a place of sitting,” and alludes to a secure space where young people can convene to share their thoughts and insights on issues of importance to them.

The Majlis provides opportunities to young people whose voices are rarely heard and those who are civically engaged and demonstrate leadership in their communities/among peers to share their voices, amplify issues of relevance to young people in MENA and ensure their voices influence decision-making processes on issues of concern to them. The online platform managed by RAYAM, provides an avenue where young people can confidentially discuss and consolidate their views/issues, through discussion forums, webinars, group chats, surveys.

The Majlis seeks to institutionalize systematic adolescent and youth participation, particularly among the most vulnerable youth, in regional advocacy and program interventions. Please visit our FAQ page here for more information concerning the Majlis, including its activities and how to become a member.