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The Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation (Adolescent Kit) is a package of guidance, tools, activities and supplies for supporting adolescents ages 10-18 who are affected by humanitarian crises and poverty. The Adolescent Kit draws from best practice in psychosocial support, life skills education, child protection and peacebuilding, and targets vulnerable adolescents through approaches that focus on arts and innovation.

What is the purpose of the Adolescent Kit?
The Adolescent Kit aims to bring about positive change in the lives of adolescents in challenging circumstances. Through the Adolescent Circles approach, it supports adolescent girls and boys to develop key competencies that can help them to cope with stressful circumstances, build healthy relationships, learn new skills and engage positively with their communities.

How do you use the Adolescent Kit?
The Adolescent Kit can be integrated into programmes for adolescents in areas such as child protection, education and youth development, or it can be used to set up a new stand-alone project. You can use all of guidance, tools and activities in the Adolescent Kit, or just select the ones that you feel are the most helpful for adolescent girls and boys in your particular situation.

Who is the Adolescent Kit for?
The Adolescent Kit can be used by anyone involved in managing programmes or working directly with adolescents in humanitarian situations. This includes humanitarian staff across different sectors, teachers, Child Friendly Space facilitators, youth workers, community volunteers and others.

Technical tutorial / deep dive into the Adolescent toolkit for innovation and expression, PowerPoint Presentation in Arabic

The toolkit consists of several documents, to access them, please click on the respective titles below.  

Guidance for working with adolescents:
Quick Guide - الدّليل السّيع A brief overview of the Adolescent Kit that provides a snapshot of the guidance, tools,
activities and supplies available to users
Foundation Guidance - التوجيه الأساسي An introduction to the key principles and approaches that underpin the
Adolescent Kit, including how to work effectively with adolescents
Programme Coordinators’ Guidance - مُنسِّق البرنامج دليل Guidance and tools for planning and running interventions for adolescents using the Adolescent Kit
Facilitator’s Guidance - دليل المُيسِّر Guidance and tools for planning and leading activities for adolescents that
help them develop and use competencies, putting the Ten Key Approaches into action
Supply Guidance - اللوازم Guidance and tools for managing, storing and replacing supplies and materials for activities with adolescents
ToT and Facilitated Planning Package - الرزمة التدريبية

Activity Box:
Activity Guides -  أدلّة الأنشطة Step-by-step guides to activities that can be adapted to adolescents’ interests and needs, and used to plan activity “Phases”
Energizer Cards - بطاقات التنشيط Ideas for short, fun games or exercises
Inspiration Cards - بطاقات الإلهام Suggestions for creative ways to keep adolescents engaged
Portable Activity Cards Section Intro - بطاقات الأنشطة المحمولة
Phase One: Starting Our Circle - المرحلة الأولى: بداية الحلقة
- Phase Two: Knowing Ourselves - المرحلة الثانية: معرفة أنفسنا
- Phase Three: Connecting - المرحلة الثالثة: التواصل
- Phase Four: Taking action - المرحلة الرابعة: التصرف

Facilitator Tools - أدوات الميسرين Useful tools for working with adolescents